Travel Tryouts

Travel Try outs are slated for the week of May 2.  Instead of doing it by gender we will be holding them by age.

Monday/Wednesday (May 2 and 4)will be 2010-2014 (or younger) from 6-7:30

Tuesday/Thursday (May 3 and 5) will be 2005-2009 from 6-7:30

Friday (May 6) we will use as a rain make up if needed.

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Registration for Spring 2022 is now open:

*Note: U10 Registration Is Closed

Intramural (Players):

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Recreational (Players):

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Coaches (Intramural / Rec):

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* If you have more than on player registering and they are playing in different divisions you must do them individually.
Example: You have 3 players two are playing in our Intramural division and one is playing in our SCSL Recreational division Register the first two player under the Intramural tab. Then log out of the system and register you last player under the SCSL Recreational tab. If you do not log out the system it will register all 3 under the intramural division.


Birth Year Chart

Age Group

Birth Year

U6 2016 2017  
U8 2014 2015  
U10 2012 2013  
U13 2009 2010 2011
U14 2008    
U15 2007    
U16 2006    
U17 2005    
U18 2004    
U19 2003    


Intramural/Rec Uniform Sizing

  Youth XXS Youth XS Youth S Youth M Youth L Adult S Adult M Adult L Adult XL Adult 2XL
CHEST 24"-26" 26"-28" 30"-32" 32"-34" 34"-36" 36"-38" 38"-40" 40"-42" 44"-46" 46"-48"
WAIST 16"-18"
*117A ONLY
18"-20" 20"-22" 22"-24" 24"-26" 28"-30" 32"-34" 36"-38" 40"-42" 42"-44"

Numerical Sizing Comparison

• SCORE® YXXS Similar to a 3-4
• SCORE® YXS Similar to a 4-5
• SCORE® YS Similar to a 5-6
• SCORE® YM Similar to a 7-8
• SCORE® YL Similar to a 10-12
• SCORE® AS Similar to a 14-16
*This comparison gives an indication of size only and are by no means exact as they vary from manufacturer to manufacturer
- sometimes by a full inch up and down.

We will not be offering the YXXS size this season.  If you have any questions about the intramural/recreational uniform sizes, please contact Eric Whitlock at