Dear Pottsgrove Soccer Family,

As many of you know, on Thursday Governor Wolf highly recommended sports not be played in Pennsylvania- until at least January 2021. His recommendation included both recreational club sports and school sports, K-12. On Thursday night, EPYSA (Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association) held an emergency board meeting to discuss the future of our fall soccer season. EPYSA fully supports continuing with the fall soccer season. EPYSA has allowed individual clubs to make their own decision as to continue their fall season or to discontinue play until 2021. EPYSA will continue to support individual clubs, leagues, and competitive play.

The Pottsgrove Soccer Club (PSC) board, has decided to continue with our fall soccer season. We are carefully following the stages provided to us by EPYSA to provide a safe return to play. PSC does, and will continue to, follow and enforce safety protocols. We currently follow EPYSA’s action plan, along with a club specific action plan should situations related to Covid-19 arise. The EPYSA website lists all available Covid-19 information and the club action plan will be available on the club website shortly. Please keep in mind the information PSC receives changes daily. If EPYSA changes their guidance on this matter, we will follow their recommendations. In addition, we as a club will continue to monitor the situation and review all information made available to us.

Please look out for more information about the PSC Fall soccer season in the near future.

Here is a link to the latest information and guidance provided by EPYSA:
Thank you all for your continuing support of Pottsgrove Soccer Club!

PSC Board of Directors

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